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Break-Even Investment Model Calculator add-in is the risk-analysis tool which allows you to evaluate the sustainability of the project to change the terms of its implementation. The add-in is used to evaluate investment projects and other financial models created in Microsoft Excel.

The analysis is carried out with the method of the critical values. The add-in analyzes all the input parameters of the project and determine the most sensitive to changes. The innovative search algorithm analyzes the model automatically. So you may not to know the structure and logic of the model. You should only select the result parameter of the project (NPV, PI, DPP, IRR, etc.) and the add-in will find all of the input data on which result depends. Then the add-in calculates the limit value for each input parameter when the result get the value which is critical for the project.

If you use the add-in you significantly improve the quality of management of the risks which arise with changes in the conditions of the project. The add-in useful at all stages of the project:
— At the planning stage — It helps you to identify the risks connected with changes in the conditions. The innovative search algorithm find all input data and identify the errors in the structure and the logic of the model.
— At the approval stage — It allows you to understand the level of risk and make a reasoned decision about investment advisability.
— At the stage of implementation — It allows you to monitor the performance of the investment project.

The add-in provides the following functionality:
— automatic search of all input data which affect the result index
— filtering of the found data (by type, by value, hidden and visible cells and sheets)
— automatic search of names of input data and editing of them
— break-even criterion configuration (as the break-even criterion can be any real number)
— break-even analysis with margin of safety calculation
— break-even analysis report with easy navigation by input data

In order to verify the efficiency of Break-Even Investment Model Calculator download the Trial Version now for free! Before installation we recommend you to check out the End User License Agreement and read the Installation Instruction.

Trial Version Restrictions

Duration— 10 days

Technical Requirements

The add-in operation requires:
— Windows 7 - 10
— Microsoft Excel 2007 (or higher) for Windows
— .Net Framework 4.0 (or higher).

You can get the rest of the hardware requirements on Microsoft Support web-site.

Attention! The add-in does not work on Mac PCs, in earlier versions of Microsoft Excel for Windows and Windows 10.

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