End User License Agreement 

1. General Provisions

This End User License Agreement, hereinafter referred to as the License or the Agreement, describes the relationship between Fincontrollex (software Copyright Holder), hereinafter referred to as the Copyright Holder, and the end user, hereinafter referred to as the User. The subject of licensing is non-exclusive right to use the software of the Copyright Holder, hereinafter referred to as the Product.

2. Ownership Right

The Product and all of its elements are the intellectual property of the Copyright Holder. It is forbidden to lease/rent, distribute the Product, or provide sub-license for its use.

3. Terms of Use

The License is granted for a non-exclusive right to use the Product, not for the Product itself. The Product use is only allowed provided that the User fully agrees to the present License Agreement. The License applies to a specified User and allows the use of the Product without transferring the right to use it or concurrent use by third parties/users. It is not allowed to make copies except of one backup copy that cannot be used as a standalone product but only as recovery after system re-installation/recovery and other soft failures resulted in the loss of the Product serviceability. It is prohibited to modify, revise, disassemble, hack, decrypt, and apply other actions to the object code of the Product in order to get information of algorithms implementation or to create derivative products based on the Product.

The User receives the product use rights at the time of Product activation with a License Key. The right of use is valid until the termination of the License Agreement. Terms of termination described in paragraph 10 of this License Agreement.

The User receives the Key upon making payment to the Copyright Holder in the amount established at the time of the purchase. The Key allows threefold (three times) product installation on the User's devices (computers). With that, the simultaneous use of the Product is allowed only on three User's devices. Once the User installed the product three times, the key is blocked, and if the User needs to install the Product more than three times, he/she shall purchase a new key.

Installation of both trial and full version is only available from www.fincontrollex.com, therefore, installation requires connection to the Internet.

During installation and activation, the software will send information about the software and your computer to www.fincontrollex.com. This information includes the version, language, and product key of the software, the Internet protocol address of the computer, and information derived from the hardware configuration of the computer. But the Installer neither scan the hard disk of the computer nor to read user's personal information nor to define the brand, model or manufacturer's name of personal computer and its components.

Accepting the terms of the License Agreement the User grants the right to publicly declare that User uses the Product to the Copyright Holder.

4. Trial Version Additional Restrictions

All terms and conditions of the Agreement apply to the Product Trial Version as well, with the exception that the Trial Version is available for free but with a limited validity period of 10 days and functional limitations the list of which can be found on the Copyright Holder web-site. At the end of 10 (ten) days' period the User must remove the Product Trial Version, including the backup copy, from all his/her devices (computers).

5. Liability

The Copyright Holder is not liable for indirect or direct damage/losses or dead expenses due to misuse of the Product. The maximum reimbursement, provided incorrect operation of the Product, may include providing the User with the bug fix release of the Product, or refund of the Product price within 14 (fourteen) days from purchase or activation. Refund can be made due to the Product failure to present the declared functionality, provided that the User claimed it, within 14 (fourteen) days from purchase or activation of the Product. The claim will be under consideration of the Copyright Holder within 48 (forty eight) hours. Given that a decision to return the money is taken, the recovery is made via the same system which was used for the product purchase. The refund is made by the Copyright Holder or by his authorized dealers, subject to the terms and conditions established by the payment system which was used for the Product purchase.

6. Updates

Bug fixing and updates of the Product within its one version are available free of charge. In case of fixing/updates, license transfers to the fixed/updated product and stops its effect with regard to the initial one which must be removed, including all backup copies. The right to use the Product of another version is available at extra charge. The difference between the fixed/updated and the new version is determined by the Copyright Holder.

7. Technical Support

Technical support is provided only for the full version of the Product and only by e-mail, at support@fincontrollex.com, seven days a week, 24/7. The letter text must include the user's registration data. You will receive a response within 24 hours after sending the request.

8. Amendments to License Agreement

The Copyright Holder reserves the right to amend this License Agreement. Amendments are valid provided that they are published on the Copyright Holder's site www.fincontrollex.com, or other resource owned by the Copyright Holder. Copyright Holder may also notify the User of the amendment by e-mail or by a pop-up window in the program. If the User does not agree with the amendment, he/she shall stop using the Product and delete all copies, including the backup one. If the User continues to use the Product within one month after the notification, it means he/she automatically confirms his/her consent to the amendment. Amendment of the License Agreement shall come into force at the beginning of the month following the month in which this amendment was published.

9. Compatibility with the Law

By using the Product, the User automatically accepts that his/her personal data will be used for database records by the Copyright Holder. In case there is any conflict with the legislation of the User's country, this License Agreement is of primary importance. If the law of the User's country does not make it possible to accept the present License Agreement, the User is not liable to use the Product. In case there is any discrepancy or distortion in interpretation of this License Agreement when translated into other languages, the Russian-language version of the Agreement is of primary importance.

10. Termination of the Agreement.

This License Agreement is valid until terminated. The User may terminate this License Agreement at any time by uninstalling the Product and remove all its backup copy from all his/her devices. The Copyright Holder reserves the right to terminate the Agreement without giving prior notice to the User. The grounds for termination of the License may be:
- violation of the terms of this Agreement by the User;
- User's disagreement with the amendments of the Agreement;
- the User's actions that cause direct or indirect harm to the Copyright Holder.

The degree of harm required for the Agreement termination is determined by the Copyright Holder. In any case, regardless of the reason for termination of this Agreement, the User is obliged to uninstall the Product and remove all its copies, including the backup ones, from all his/her data storage devices.

11. Final Provisions

By using the Product, the User confirms that he/she has read and understood the foregoing Agreement and completely agrees to all its terms and conditions.
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