Warning! Installation of the Add-in is made via the Internet. Before install, configure your firewall to avoid a block the transfer of data of installer from the Internet. Or contact the administrator in your organization.

  1. Before install, make sure that you have latest update of Microsoft .NET Framework 4 (or higher).
  2. To install the Add-in, you should download Break-Even Investment Model Calculator Installer.zip archive to your computer. Before downloading is recommended to close Microsoft Excel.
  3. After download, you should open the archive and run Break-Even Investment Model Calculator Installer.exe. To install the Add-in, Administrator privileges are required.
  4. Warning! The license applies to a specific user, therefore the installation must be carried out of the account under which it will be used. For example, if the program will be used under a Domain User Account, then it must be installed under that Domain User Account. If the account is not an administrator, you have to provide it administrator access at the time of installation.

    Windows User Account Control System will request your permission to make changes on your computer, click "Yes".

    The application requires .Net Framework 4.0 (or higher). If you have installed older version .Net Framework, the installation program will show a message. In this case you should install required .Net Framework version for free from Microsoft website following this link. After installation of .Net Framework you should run the installer again.

  5. After running the installer, follow Installation Wizard until installation will be complete.
  6. Language Selection

    Select one of the available installation languages.

    Excel 2007 (or higher) is required

    The Add-in requires Excel 2007 (or higher). If you have no required Excel version, the installation program will notify you by one of the following messages:

    If the installer does not detect a version of Excel installed on your computer, you can continue the installation by clicking Next. However, the installer will not be able to connect the add-into Microsoft Excel automatically. You should make it manually.

    The Add-in is already installed

    If the add-in is already installed on your computer, the installation program will notify you.

    Internet connection required

    To install the add-in, internet connection is required. If the installation program does not detect an Internet connection, warning will be issued. Check the connection and click Retry.

    Server is unavailable

    The add-in installation is done via the fincontrollex server. If the server is unavailable, the installation program will display a warning. In this case, please try again later or contact Technical Support.

    License Agreement

    Carefully read the License Agreement. If you accept these terms, then tick I agree. Also you can find the terms of the license agreement following the link.

    Select a file location

    Choose where to install the add-in. Recommended to leave the default file location.

    Select an option of installation of the product

    If you want to install the full version, you should purchase a registration key. You can do this by clicking the link Buy a Registration Key. After you purchase a registration key, enter it in the field Registration Key and click Next.

    To install a trial version just click Next. You can register the full version later directly from Excel. In order to know how to register the full version of Excel, you should refer to the appropriate section of the Help after trial installation

    Ready to Install

    Look closely at the installation options. If everything is configured correctly, click Next.

    The installation process is going on

    At this step, the add-in will be downloaded and installed on your computer.

    Fail to Install the Add-in

    If during the installation of add-in you have problems, the installation program displays a message with the problem description.

    If problem is connected with a registration key, you can try again by returning to the step of entering the registration key. To do this, click Back.

    If problem is not connected with a registration key,please contact Technical Support.

    Installation completed!

    If in process of install, the add-in is unable to connect to Microsoft Excel automatically, you should install the add-in manually. To do this, click Help. The installation program will open Help file with instructions for connecting the add-in. Please follow the instructions.

    Installation completed successfully!

    In case of a successful installation, you will see one of the following messages:

    If before running the installer you didn't close Excel, the installation program will notify you that you should restart Excel.

    If your current security settings do not allow Excel to run the add-in, you should make changes in the security settings. To do this, click Help. After this you will see a reference guide to configure security settings. Please follow the instructions.

    Unhandled exception

    If during the installation or removal of the add-in, there is occurred message of unhandled exception, please contact Technical Support.

  7. Removing the Add-in
  8. Instruction how to remove the add-in you can find in the relevant section of the Help. Help is installed together with the add-in and you can run it in the Microsoft Excel Ribbon on fincontrollex.com tab in Break-Even Analysis group clicking by button.

Should you have any additional questions during installation or uninstallation of the add-in, please contact Technical Support!
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