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If you have used data display, as shown in the picture on the left, at least once, you are one of those professionals who are familiar with the waterfall chart (also known as bridge). The invention of this type of chart is considered to be found out by McKinsey consultants. Such graphic representation is an excellent tool for data visualization since it allows demonstrating the contribution of each factor to the general result and quick understanding of the overall picture. These qualities made the waterfall chart an integral part of financial results presentation and other important business characteristic rates.

But in spite of all the flavour of data visualization, there is one essential problem: there are no standard charts of this type in Excel and this causes some difficulties in the process of charts creating and updating.

Everything is not so simple...

The first problem is to find an alternative way to create a chart in Excel. If you already know how to create such charts, just remember how much time you spent to plot your first waterfall chart with crossing the axis during transition from positive values to negative ones (or vice versa)?

Practice shows that employees who are given a task to create such a chart for the first time spend a few hours for this process. In spite of all the time spent, many of them still cannot manage to create a universal template on their own.

So, you have created a chart but the problems are not over. One month or a quarter has passed, and you need to update data for a new presentation. Here you face the second problem – formatting of the updated chart. This process takes quite a while because you have to align and format the labels on all the updated charts manually, with the help of the mouse! In case you did not manage to create a universal formula for the chart plotting, you will also have to paint the chart's columns manually.

It does not require much knowledge and skills but, first of all, it takes time which is always not enough anyway, secondly, it is very easy to leave something out of account, and finally, if for some reason you will have to update data or resize the chart (for example, before inserting it into PowerPoint), the process of alignment and formatting will have to be repeated. Unfortunately, sometimes it happens over and over again. After two or three iterations anyone can get annoyed and have bad mood…

But there is a way out!

In order to solve these problems, we have developed a Waterfall Chart Studio add-in for Excel. When using the add-in, you receive the following benefits:

— You no longer have to study how to write formulas and plot a chart!
— You no longer need to spend time formatting charts after updating or resizing!

Just a couple of mouse clicks – and the add-in will do all the work for you!

By purchasing the add-in, first of all you get:

— Time for analysis and making decisions rather than for charts plotting
—You are using your head, not your hands — the mechanical work is done by the add-in
— And what's the most important, you use your or your subordinates' time effectively — the most important and irreplaceable resource!

The add-in supports all possible variants of plotting the charts of waterfall type, such as:

— horizontal chart
— horizontal chart with crossing the axis
— horizontal chart with subtotals
— the same variants of charts constructed on the vertical axis

And all of this diversity can be reached in just a few mouse clicks, all you have to do is to make some efforts to prepare the data!

In order to verify the efficiency of Waterfall Chart Studio download the Trial Version now for free! Before installation we recommend you to check out the End User License Agreement and read the Installation Instruction.

Trial Version Restrictions

— duration — 14 days
— the number of charts created in one Excel book is limited to 3
— the watermark "Created by Waterfall Chart Studio" is applied in the Trial Version

Technical Requirements

The add-in operation requires Microsoft Excel 2010 (or higher) for Windows. You can get the rest of the hardware requirements on Microsoft Support web-site.

Attention! The add-in does not work on Mac PCs and in earlier versions of Microsoft Excel for Windows (due to the absence in these versions of some features for managing charts).

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